Glenn and Michelle’s Travel Blogs

Hi there,

We are Glenn & Michelle and we are just a couple of outdoor types who are lucky enough to be unemployed at a young enough age to be able to spend our time as we wish. We do occasionally need to take on some work to support this lifestyle.

We would love to share our journey with blogs which are sometimes long winded, sometimes unexciting but often rather crazy and fun. We will let you be the judge.! Please feel free to read, share and comment.

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We have our terrific Bailey 74/4 Autograph motorhome affectionally called Ruby.

This site is never a completed work, and it is never perfect as the blogging skills are limited but improving. So apologies in advance for those bits that don’t make sense, links that don’t work, and pictures that don’t pic….!

About Us

Hi, We are Glenn & Michelle. Free range bloggers living, loving and working from our motorhome we have called Ruby.

Travel is our big thing since taking early retirement.

Let’s hang out

2 thoughts on “Glenn and Michelle’s Travel Blogs

  1. Ruby Motorhome Travels Post author

    Hi guys. Nice to hear from you both. Yes we have been struggling lately on the domestic front. Seems that obstacles are a way of life lately..!
    Otherwise we are still sticking to our goals of travelling, learning and having exciting times.
    Delighted that you have Spain in your coming plans. We are not headed that way again just yet but will certainly do it before too long. Maybe next winter again.
    Who knows we may well be back in Slimbridge..!
    Keep in touch and let us know where you travel to. It will be good to be able to catch up for another glass of fizz at some time.
    Stay safe.

  2. Andrew Searle

    Nice to see you are both still travelling, We had assumed you would be over wintering in Slimbridge. Hoping to be in Spain ourselves from mid-May.

    Sorry to read about your mum Glen.

    Andrew & Claire

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