2019 Backpacking Tour

Below are the completed blogs from our backpacking World Tour for two months from Jan 2019…. Most recent at the top….

In early January 2019 we hoisted our backpacks over our shoulders, grabbed our suitcase on wheels and set off to travel across the globe. There were a few flights planned and occasional locations booked but essentially we just set off in the direction of Thailand…..

This is a list of our Blogs from this tour around South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Read on. Don’t forget…. the latest blog is near the top. Dig Deep….

The End Summary

March 01, 2019 Travel money and IT. If I were reading someone else’s travel blog I would be interested in listening (well reading actually!)..about the best way to pay bills and the most efficient way to stay online. Well…we have no idea of the best or cheapest but can only explain what worked (or not) for us.  Getting online was occasionally tricky across the countries we visited. The important element to this was the purchase for about £40 of a…

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February 28, 2019 Thursday 28th February  On the National Express coach from Gatwick to Bristol.  It really is done now. We had two straightforward flights with Emirates. 7 hours from Ho Chi Minh to Dubai, a 2 hour wait then an 8 hour from Dubai on an A380 which had lots of spare seats. Makes life much more pleasant. Really impressed us with the planes, food and smiles. First thing I had to do at Gatwick was find my jeans.…

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Good Bye Vietnam. Homeward Bound

February 27, 2019 Sad day… we are at Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) airport ready for our flight home. Gloomy….. We have had the most awesome holiday and facing the reality of heading back is difficult. Normally after a two week holiday we are keen to get back home to normality but strangely we are not looking forward to it at all. Of course it will be great to catch up with family and friends (you know who you are…..) but…

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Da Nang and Hoi An

Sunday 24th February  Da Nang, Vietnam. Only 4 days left… So….Friday evening we ate a nice Vietnamese dinner in our hotel. All the staff are really attentive and helpful. One of them even showed us how to eat one of our courses Banh Xeo (crepe stuffed with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts rolled in rice paper). We were all pretty adventurous and managed shared meals. A good start. We then walked next door to the posh Four Points hotel’s 36th…

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Good Morning Vietnam

February 22, 2019   Vietnam. Laying on the My Khe beach in Da Nang. 30 summink degrees and sunny.  Well what an adventurous couple of days. When last we spoke we were at the airport in Christchurch getting comfortable for a long night prior to our 6.30 am flight out of New Zealand.  It didn’t take long for the comfort to be spoiled as they close the main parts of the terminal for the night for security reasons. Understandable.  However…

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Mount Cook and Goodbye NZ

February 20, 2019 Sitting in Christchurch airport NZ with 14 hours before departure! Well we might as well sit here as book a hotel room and leave it at 3.30 in the morning to catch the 6.30 flight.. So… Sunday afternoon we left the delights of Queenstown and headed back up north. We have plenty of time now so can cruise back to our final destination of Christchurch. Our research had identified a great camp ground looking towards Mount Cook…

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Bungeeeeee. Woweeeee.!

February 18, 2019 Sunday 17th February  Queenstown. Headed back up north. So…Friday evening arrived in Queenstown. I must admit that I had no idea what to expect here. I had done no research but had not heard anything about the place. No iconic buildings, smart beaches or hot geysers… Turns out this is The activity centre for the island. Everyone comes here to ride rapids and jump off stuff, fly over and under stuff and drive through, under, over, around…

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West Coast-Wet

February 16, 2019 Friday 15th February  Sitting in Maureen the Maui Mercedes Motorhome in a site at Queenstown, South Island, NZ. On Wednesday evening we parked up in The Shining Star camp site, Hokitiki alongside State Highway 6 on the West Coast after several hours glorious driving through coastal mountains. Nothing too exciting about the site other than a short walk across the highway was a small area next to a footpath surrounded by glow worms. Hundreds of little blue…

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Sperm Whales

February 13, 2019 Wednesday 13th February  Back on the road South Island NZ So…we have spent three days in Kaikoura (Kai means food koura means crayfish) The weather has been fantabulous all day and everyday reaching nearly 30 degrees. It’s a pleasant heat though, for those of us on holiday. We have been camped on the same site all three days overlooking the quay. Alongside the pub…. The $20 (£10) isn’t much but all they supply is grass and water…

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