Khao San Road

January 05, 2019

39,000ft Getting Excited ..!

Writing this whilst at 39000ft over the Indian Ocean. 

This is our second A380 flight today. The one from Gatwick to Dubai was 6hrs 50. This one from Dubai to Bangkok a mere 6hrs. 

We are bang on schedule and everything is going according to plan. Dead easy really. 

However.. imagine our surprise at waking up this morning in the Hampton hotel at Gatwick Airport at 7am. Switch the TV on to hear the presenter saying ‘The place to avoid today is Thailand..! 

Bloody hell..a tropical storm is on its way there. The worst in 30 years apparently.! And out of season. We haven’t even started our Global galavanting yet. 

Well here’s hoping it stays across the islands and misses Bangkok. We haven’t booked but we intended heading that way after two days in Bangkok. Let’s hope there is still some civilisation when we arrive. 

We have arrived now and got our ‘basic’ hotel right in the midst of famous Khao San Rd. 

Time for a power nap. Place looks awesome.

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