Day Two Bangkok

January 07, 2019

Day two. Sunday 6th January

A full day still here in Bangkok. We had a real late start as the jet lag meant we didn’t wake until 12noon.. ! 

Our hotel has no dining facilities and not even any coffee making items in the room. Though it does have a kettle strangely enough.. We suspect this is to do with backpackers and Pot Noodles.!

So we popped round the corner into a bar in Khao San Rd and had coffee with mango, coconut, pineapple and melon with sweet rice.Classic Sunday breakfast… 

Our planning is all done at bars whilst watching the world go by. We decided not to extend our stay in Bangkok and planned to head to the seaside the next day. We had been considering booking a train online weeks ago but wanted to remain free to change plans. Trouble is when I checked the trains before leaving home the website said all seats were booked down to the Phuket area for several days. Ooops – The travel agent close to our hotel however had no problem  so that was it. Overnight sleeper train and bus to Phuket booked. Just need to look for a room now..!

Two highlights of the day really. One was the tuk tuk ride we had to one of the ‘red light’ districts in Bangkok (compulsory for tourists don’t you know!). Well actually the ride there was a fun 30 minute cruise with the wind blowing in our my hair (!)….however the driver on the way back was Lewis Hamilton’s younger cousin and he drove his big beastie turbo charged tuk tuk like a demon. Back within 15 minutes. Absolute nutter.. we loved it. 

This was a good part of our tea…..street food on the Khao San strip

(Red light district… ping pong… what goes on tour, stays on tour..! lol.)

11pm or so and time to eat and we were lacking in protein so what better than fried bugs, beetles, crickets and a massive locust/grasshopper thing… ergh. Yup we ate quite a few.! Video available….I have to say that the lead taster for these was Michelle.. crazy gal. Bugs were genuinely tasty but cricket legs get stuck in your teeth..! 

Anyway we did have some proper food later and got to bed by 12.30. 

I am writing this at 4.25 am in bed. Damn jetlag……..

Bottle of beer 80 Baht =£2 not cheap

Meal – tray of bugs 40 Baht = £1. Great value..! 

Did u know….Thailand used to be called Siam until 24 June 1939. However it was renamed back to Siam from 1946-1948 when it again became Thailand.

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