Kidnap & Extortion

January 08, 2019 

Tuesday 8th January. Train to Phuket. 

Unbelievably we have had a more ‘exciting’ day today. That’s NOT a good thing. 

Yes, she does look worried..

We are sitting in the restaurant of our four star hotel at 9.30pm in Kata beach Phuket. It has been the most exciting, amazing, scary, outrageous and frustrating day we would not like to repeat. Sitting here now it’s funny but 12 hours ago it was very different. 

We have had about 2 hours sleep in two days so this will be brief. 

Transport to Phuket- Kidnap vehicle..!

Kidnapping by bus company, extortion, abysmal initial hotel and marine stingers summarises our day. !

Delightfully happy and relieved…and safe now. Will put more details later. 


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