And reeelax..

January 10, 2019

After the painful day… this is the view to great us in the morning. Bliss

Kata beach Phuket 

Thankfully there is a lot less to add to the blog today. I am not great with these fat fingers touch typing on my phone. The blog layout is a similar problem as it is such a small screen. I would love to be able to improve these bits but it’s just awks. 

Today. Sat by the pool at who knows 30+ degrees of clear sunshine and light breeze. ☀️

Yesterday was a much calmer 24hours than previously regarding our activities (sorry!). 

We had a change of room for the added four days. On the beach by 11.30 though and absolutely perfect conditions. Hot, light breeze, plenty of space good quality sand, blue/turquoise sea which was warm.. nice. Andaman sea part of the Indian Ocean. 

Late lunch of noodles and chicken overlooking the beach then snorkels out and head for the rocks. Twas a bit sandy and it was getting dark but we found angel fish, puffers, whittles, whattles and grumdeons. (Some of those may be made up!)

I managed to slice a chunk is skin off my foot on the rocks but that’s as exciting as the day got. AND no Marine Stingers. Phew. 

Walked a mile and back along the lovely beach as the sun went down by 6.30. It is so good to enjoy the warmth at that time of evening amongst hundreds of others still out there. 

Back to the room for shower and change and grabbing a G&T on the balcony. (Gotta save a few quid where we can by buying from the local Family Mart). 

Dinner outside at the hotel restaurant with a view of the beach. What’s not to love. …

Bed by 10.30. A well deserved rest.. 

Did you know…..Thailand is the only South Asian country that has never been colonised by a European country. In the Thai language the name of the country is Prathet Thai meaning Land of the Free. 

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