Phi Phi

January 13, 2019

Well this is us back on the road after five days lounging around in Kata, Phuket. 

We have to say that the beach and sea will be very difficult to beat. The town itself is like any other tourist area with numerous bucket and spade shops, bars and street vendors. There are regular patrols of those wanting to offer massages on the beach, umbrellas, melons, boat rides and much more. You will have to google ‘long tail boat’ to see some of the fun, intriguing and frankly amazing local transportation. We will be using one tomorrow so hope it’s safe. ! The tuk tuks here have four wheels. ! It’s not right….

Anyway we paid up the paltry sum of 5100 baht (£124ish) for our dinners for four nights. Happy with that. We did have to utilise a discount card and 2 for 1 on drinks to get there though. Tight northern git…! Well we do have 7 weeks left to go…

So we took the hotel transfer minibus to the ferry port on the eastern side of Phuket to get the two hour crossing to Phi Phi Island. We had no previous plans as to where to go but this quickly became a prime destination when we discovered how close it was and that it was a stopover on the way to Krabi. Thought it may be nice to stop over for a couple of days in the iconic islands before taking the second leg to Krabi on Tuesday. 

It was bloody hot on the ferry but lounging on the open deck was a must. The ferry actually does a little tour on the way in so you get a good view of the island and Phi Phi Lay next door. 

Phi Phi Island

Wow, what an awesome place. You may have seen pictures previously but hopefully my photos have uploaded onto the blog this time. Volcanic eruptions some little while ago have pushed these mountains straight up out of the sea. We were absolutely gobsmacked by the size and majesty of this area. Highlight of the trip so far and it is to be recommended. 

The disembark..disimbarkacion…when we left the ferry it was chaos with dozens of us fighting to pull our suitcases (with wheels!) from under a pile at the back (stern apparently!) and it was roasting hot. Mid 30s. 

There was only one way to survive this chaos and intense heat. McDonalds. Yes I know. ! But it was air conditioned, had a toilet and it gave us chance to go online to find a hotel. They also do some splendid burgers…..

This area is sooooo touristy that prices are high. and couldn’t find much but Agoda found a good 53% discount on a three ⭐️ within 200 yards. Job done. Paid for online and confirming email received. We so love this planning-on-the-go stuff. 

Well, as you may recall it is 35 degrees hot. Me and the tireless Mrs Blakey have to drag our two backpacks and two suitcases on wheels just 200 yard to the hotel. How come it took 25 minutes?! GPS bloody navigation that’s why. We walked up and down the same paths numerous times, passing the same old fish stall with an increasingly dying tray of lobsters only to revert to the good old fashioned ‘asking’ someone. Well several people actually as we managed to transform the 200 yards into about 1/4 mile. !

Anyway… the hotel is not that great. Clean ish. Aircon takes a while to get sorted but we have a view of the mountains that should be dazzling in first light tomorrow. 

Beautiful – But it doesn’t go beyond knee deep..!

 I have rambled on enough and my fat fingers are hurting. In summary we have been in the sea in two different bays this afternoon and we had dinner next to the beach and we are back in the room now. 

There is rather a big problem with this part of the island though. It doesn’t matter how far you walk out into the sea it never gets deeper than knee deep.. makes swimming awks. They don’t tell you that in the brochures do they?! 

Tomorrow early o’clock we are off on one of the aforementioned long tail boats to Noi Bay for what promises to be top snorkelling. According to our long tail boat driver David Beckham. Who knew…

Did you know…Thailand’s New Year is April 13th..! Strange.

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