Thai Beaches

January 14, 2019

Monday 14th January 

Phi Phi Island still. 

Early start with 6.45 breakfast in the hotel and onto the beach for 8. Our promised longtail boat driver David Beckham apparently overslept so we had a super sub step in. Short trip out to Noi Bay for snorkelling. Once again…wow…! This island has it all. We were left on the beach totally alone. It’s only about 100yds wide and 30yds deep with steep hills and trees behind. 

As ever things are not always straightforward. .. The tide was at it’s lowest so we couldn’t gracefully exit the boat onto the beach. No, we had to slither, slide and hop across rocks that reach the glorious sand and then it was simply a case of donning mask, flippers (sorry fins!) and snorkels to visit the coral. Well no actually…… As mentioned the tide was out, albeit on the turn. So we had to slither, slide and hop across the rocks THEN drag ourselves unceremoniously across the coral taking chunks out of our knees, hands, elbows and any other ‘dangling’ body parts! 

Probably one of my most favourite photos. My finger on the trigger but Michelle’s concept.

Thankfully the coral was great and well worth it. We still didn’t manage to research more fish names though there are literally hundreds of different types as per ‘Finding Nemo’ Having felt bad for leaving body parts on the reef on the way in we felt a little better when a huge bright blue parrotfish (just googled that one!…) chomped its way through acres of coral just below us. 

As the tide was somewhat higher when we returned to the beach it was simply a case of gliding over the previously treacherous coral. 

Still the only ones there it meant just laying in the sand at waters edge with warm waves lapping against us. This is why holidays are better than work…!

We were collected a short while later by yet another longtail boat bang on time for our return. 

After a surprisingly short lunch break we headed out in a kayak to monkey beach just a short row around the bay. We were shocked to see there were in fact monkeys there..! Macaques we think. Well this was when we were subject to yet another crime when one of them robbed us of our bananas. Pulled the bag away, yanked it open and scoffed our only afternoon sustenance. They are tough little buggers and wouldn’t give it up despite me asserting my ‘bad cop’ approach AGAIN.. 

So, hungry and hot we took our default position and went snorkelling. Again lovely warm water and tons of varied tropical fish. Including pencil fish and a new one we tang. We were disappointed that there were no turtles or octopus on view nor sharks. But we are shortly headed to Perth so may meet some there..!!

Another long busy, hot delightful day over so it’s a shower, dinner near the beach and some crackin’ gun and tonics. 

Oh, forgot to mention.. whilst on our surprisingly short lunch break we booked a flight from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur for tomorrow and a hotel in the city. Malaysia here we come. Wahey.

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