Onwards to Malaysia

January 15, 2019

Kuala Lumpur 

Back on the road again. Seems strange that we have been away for over 10 days so far and with so much more to do. The travel is mostly enjoyable and something we look forward to however for some reason I decided to bash my foot against a concrete step near the hotel last evening. Again, drink was not responsible as we had only had a small beer all day as we were so busy. .. by way of a nightcap found a place in the hustle and bustle of walkways that had footie on Tv. Tottenham v Man U. This was the only place where drinks are proper cheap so far in Thailand. Two large G&Ts each for 400 Baht. Less than a tenner. Wicked. And they were big doubles. ! Is that a treble then..? Down side…. Man Utd won. 

My foot is swollen and throbbing but with two large backpacks and two suitcases on wheels each, we had to crack on..

Early breakfast again and packed awaiting the ferry by 8.30. 

We had a pretty ropey tub to transport us across from Phi Phi to Krabi. We spent most of the trip discussing which would be the safest and quickest exit from the cabin onto the deck if it capsized. !

We had purchased the ferry ticket from a nice smiley lady in Phi Phi and we added a transfer to Krabi airport in the price. Paid 200baht (you should be able to work that out yourselves by now) extra for a private taxi rather than a minibus as we are toffs. 

However on arrival at Krabi the company only had the minibus and no taxi. They obviously realised we were NOT toffs. !

Fast drive again to the airport which was big and airy and appeared organised. Security was a bit of a non event (terrorism is not high on their agenda it seems. 

Immigration was dead easy. 

The departure lounge was a bit awful. Very busy, very noisy. 

Our flight departure was due at 15.05 and we carefully watched the screens as you do. 14.40 and still no mention of our flight and nothing on the screens… worry. 

Fight through the crowds and eventually find an Air Asia member of staff. ‘Anything happening with our flight?’ we ask. ‘Oh yes, everyone is on board. We are waiting for just six more’ ‘Christ, what happened to the big screen display or tannoy?’

‘Oh we only have three screens so couldn’t display it..!’ 

We dashed through, almost last on the bus to the aircraft and found the pilot revving the engine and ready to hit reverse off-stand..!  Thank you Air Asia..

To be fair the company is quality, it’s a proper A320 aircraft with one wing either side and a professional crew. Leather seats all the way, no less. 

So here I am writing this at (probably) 30,000ft over Malaysia descending to Kuala Lumpur. Hour and half flight. Dead easy. 

We will need to find a taxi at the airport (me limping, Michelle laughing) to discover if our next room is of any quality. To be honest a couple of days with no sun, no saltwater and no sand will be good (sorry)… ❄️

What did we think of Thailand?

Bangkok..brilliant, bustling, exciting and colourful. 

Phuket.. Kata. British seaside town, (though hardly any British) hotter. The beach, sea and snorkelling were excellent. 

Phi Phi.. Busy, lively, chaotic (more Brits) and less attentive.  Fantastic scenery, beaches and more great snorkelling. 

Overall. Loved it. 

Malaysia here we come.

Did you know… Air Asia was bought for 1 Ringgit (20p)

in 2001 – mainly cos it had £7.5m debt..!

Sorry to share this…

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