Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

January 17, 2019

Petronas Towers

Wednesday 16th January

Kuala lumper, Malaysia

Well here we are in  Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. 

We are sitting in the hotel room for a short while with my feet stuck high up in the air!

My fears were made out yesterday when after dragging ourselves, two large backpacks and two suitcases on wheels from our last hotel. My left foot is ..ouch. 

It was simply a case of a walk, ferry, walk, taxi, walk, flight, walk, taxi… My left foot which was initially painful was now agony and on arrival in the room it was four times the size of my right foot (I am a man and I am allowed to exaggerate!). But in truth it was very painful, so the nice man in the restaurant supplied us with a huge bag of ice later which was sufficient to fill up the sink in the room… I had to lay with my feet up in the air on my backpack all night but it’s much improved today, albeit at this time my feet are back up in the air in the hotel room.

Enough about me.

The flight was dead easy and unbelievably immigration was sweet. Probably 20 immigration desks and only 23 passengers. Fingerprints, Photo, Stamped and exit. No visa forms or grief. Shell shocked we lurched through a shopping mall to the outside world and a taxi office. 

This here Malaysia is well organised, high tech and very clean, so far. 

The one hour ride from the airport to the hotel in the centre was just 84 Ringgit (£16). Driver must have paid 40 Ringgit in tolls on the way through. AND it rained. Yes. 10 minutes of rain whilst we were in the taxi. Damn. !

The hotel Cosmo is plush and modern and pretty big inside. 

Due to Big Foot Blakeborough we ate in the hotel. Not very exciting despite trying to suck the innards out of a snail. The waiter tells me it is a local delicacy but I reckon he just picked them from the garden and enjoying the spectacle.. ! 

2 for 1  Carlsberg on the happy hour was our only drink of the day. Ooh. 

To be honest we expected food and drink to be real cheap but not really so far. We are not here long enough to try much but first impression was not cheap. 

This mornings breakfast was a delight. We were practically the only Europeans out of the 50 or so in the restaurant. Indian sub continent multi culture dining. It was fascinating. Our breakfast was a little multi cultural too. … Did find toast and marmalade to follow the noodles, rice, fruit, chicken, and mouthwash (fruit punch..yuk).

Rest of today was steady with taxi transport to a street market (bought two Under Armour shirts for a tenner from Honest Jamal) followed by a visit to the iconic Twin Petronas Towers. Bottom 5 floors is a huge glittery vulgar shopping mall. (Under Armour shirts at £55 each-yippee..!) Well to be honest what fashion guru wants to wear a shirt more than six weeks anyway..?!

Lewis Hamilton sat in one of those cars….. No, not right now!

We have been unable to explore in our normal energetic way today so we bimbled a bit later in the evening. Malay folk are not big into bars, drinking does happen but it is not ‘a thing’ so we are a little lost…..2 for 1 Carlsberg was our only drink of the day AGAIN..

The incredible thing is that almost everyone is wearing jeans, jumpers and sometimes coats. It’s 25 degrees people. ….! 

Did you know …87.3% of statistics are made up.!


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