Australia welcome

January 20, 2019

Saturday 20th January 

I am now sitting under the covered decking next to the pool at our Airbnb home for three days. 

Kelly and Cristian have gone to the shop (though may be tempted to find a bar!) and we are enjoying swimming with Alana and Scarlett in the 35 degrees of Perth sunshine. Bright deep blue sky and sooo peaceful..apart from the noisy pesky kid (Michelle!)

Yesterday was a straightforward transfer from our nice hotel in Singapore to Perth. A short taxi to the airport with the driver giving us a running commentary and history lesson. The airport is equally efficient and clean in the departure lounge and immigration/security. Scoot was our airline of choice and this was the first flight we had booked many months ago. Not sure if I mentioned previously but Scoot is the ‘budget’ arm of Singapore Airlines. It does not feel budget at all and there is certainly nothing low class about the A787 Dreamliner. Scoot air hostesses/hostchaps are called Scooties and they are very yellow. …..Uniform. 

Never before have we seen these amazing windows on this aircraft. No more blinds to pull up and down but a simple button below the window. Every window.  Press down to make the window go dark (blue) and press up to clear it. Now that IS magic. Brilliant though no idea how they do that. On arrival at Perth airport the process is real easy. It is incredible that many airports have managed to ease the pain of being forced to endure security processes. The Ozzie’s have the additional burden of searching for any items likely to contaminate the country. Seeds, food, plants, soil, wooden frames, muddy shoes, slight cough, fever, recent visit to Africa, sore left foot,  all just some of the things that can prevent or delay entry. We survived.  

On arrival there was the simple job of getting cash and buying a data card for the mobile WiFi. Bit fiddly but then once we have a connection it’s a quick Uber search and step outside for our transport to Hilarys which is a beach location half an hour away (Aus$56-£31). Our Uber driver was an archetypal Ozzie guy. Straight talking and frankly a little blunt. 31 degrees outside at 9pm but no aircon for him. Windows and sunroof open all the way. Made a right mess of my hair..! 

On arrival this is where we meet up again with the family. It is 2.5 years since we last met with Cris, Alana and Scarlett. 

Kel and Cris were awake but Alana and Scarlett asleep. They had an early start for their flight from Sydney (shows how big this county is. It took them longer to fly from Sydney to Perth than it did for us from Singapore.! Thought it must have been a slow plane but apparently it’s a ! 

Plus it was 1am Sydney time. 

We did waken Alana but she smiles and goes straight back to sleep. !

After a glass of wine it’s the end of another trip. It’s a good sign. Nowhere on the Malay Peninsula did we find a decent wine. We are now in the heart of a top wine region….. Nice. 

Remind me to tell you about this fabulous Airbnb house we are staying in. Beautiful and very large. 

Did you know..Mr Google says…..How The Magical Windows Work In Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner…The dimming effect is the result of an electrified gel sandwiched between two thin pieces of glass. As the electric current increases, the gel darkens and as it drops, the gel lightens. The system is brilliant in its simplicity.

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