January 22, 2019

Back on the blog after a short break. It has been so busy that it has not been possible to commit time. Writing this now whilst back on the road once again. Sat with Michelle and the Kelly’s jammed into a Toyota people carrier headed south from Perth to the Margaret River area. 3 hours to go. 

As I recall I was going to describe the Airbnb house we just left after three nights. It looks like a clean crisp house in a clean crisp suburb in Hillarys. Once inside though it is a huge bungalow. A large lounge area and posh dining area near the front door (which we never used once). A large open plan kitchen with American fridge, wine cooler, tons of storage and cooking stuff. Alongside a second dining area. Then into a lounge room (as these Ozzies call it..!) An en suite very large bedroom with dressing room for us (with ‘his and hers’ sinks no less). A separate area then with three bedrooms and a large bathroom used by Kel, Cris, Alana and Scarlett. 

And then outside there is a large sun deck under cover alongside a most impressive pool. Large and deep. Lots of room for diving swimming and jumping on top of the kids. Lots of stuff provided too. It was rather pricey at £780 or so for the three nights but two families and high comfort level made it worthwhile.  Bored now? Sorry..!

Sunday was very hot, 40 degrees according to the forecast and it felt …hot.. so spend the day inside and around the pool and getting reacquainted with the gang. Late afternoon as it cooled down to 39 degrees we went to Sorrento beach 5 mins drive away. However the waves were damn high and not too comfortable to swim, especially with little Scarlett. Mind you she is a tough cookie but several times she completely disappeared under the waves for several seconds! Not a good start after one day with the relies! . So we upped towels and walked across the car park to a family friendly harbour. Not before we had our towels and kit well and truly damped by the incoming tide. Oops. 

The harbour has a man made beach, pontoon to leap and dive from and large inflatable slides etc. Twas very busy as it was a Sunday (and the skool holidays) but a much safer environment to swim. 

Then back to our home for Cris to deliver one of his quality Ozzie BBQs. And another swim of course..! Get webbed feet round here..! 

Yesterday we got an early start for a superb day on Rottnest Island. A 5min drive to the ferry for a 45 minute trip to the island. The boat driver reported ‘Its a little choppy out there but it hasn’t had chance to build so it will be fine’ Well Christ… I would hate to have done it when it was choppy. The ferry was banging into the enormous waves and bouncing all over the place. You know it’s a ‘little choppy’ when they start handing out sick bags. Yuk! Thank god it was only 45 minutes. We survived..just. 

The island is famous for its Quokka’s. Kind of a cross between a a kangaroo and a teddy bear..! 

I am told that they do not exist anywhere else in the world. Had to stop the kids taking one home which would have spoiled that fact..

The island was also very windy but has dozens of beaches all round. There are two choices for visitors. Hire a cycle and ride round on the quiet tarmac roads or pay for a hop on hop off bus. Which has to weave around the dozens of bikes. 

Rottnest Island

We opted for the bus and were wise enough to ask the information desk about the best beach in the wind. ‘South of the island this morning ‘ she says. Bus driver says ‘West Island’ is best.! 

Well we ignored him and jumped off at the South beach. Little Salmon Bay. Well…bus driver was correct it turns out!.. It was bloody windy and cold.. yes COLD. But he had driven off by the time realisation hit us. … Being hardy souls we went snorkelling anyway. Decent fish but a bit tricky. By the time we got out and waited for the next bus we were all thoroughly freezing. Who knew we had to bring jumpers and jeans to a beach in Perth in summer..!

Blue and shivering we move a couple more stops. Took a walk along the scenic footpaths and watched several mahoosive seals playing in the bay. They were a little distant out but great to watch. Then another batch of snorkelling on a hot beach – Parakeet Bay. On the west. Thank you bus driver..! 

Roasting hot small beach though the sea was a bit chilly. Tell you what though snorkelling round the reef with one’s wife and 11 year old granddaughter is pretty special. Memorable in itself. All of us spent quite a while snorkelling. Terrific. There were more fish here though much larger. Still don’t have any names for these though.. One looked like a tiger and was almost as big. 

Anyhow back to the ferry and a much calmer return trip was followed by dinner at a restaurant overlooking the harbour. Then back home quite late. Back into the pool for some..! 

Highlight of the evening was when someone decided to close the flyscreen across the side door. Guess which idyot didn’t see it and crashes full-on into it. Yup. ..well I am 60 now. 

It’s a metal mesh screen like a cheese grater… which took a chunk out of my left hand, scraped my nose and ripped a chunk out of my thumb nail. Ouch. 

Turns out I also derailed the sliding screen so we couldn’t lock the door when we left this morning.. ooops. Clown. 

Finally, this morning we packed again, cleaned up and now headed south. New bed for tonight. 

Did you know..Perth is the most isolated city in the world. 

Looks damn remote on this road now. Camels, lizards and probably some kangaroos (though can’t see any yet..!

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