Rain..! Margaret River

January 24, 2019

Thursday 24th January 


We have arrived on the south west in Busselton just a few miles from the famous Margaret River. Still in Western Australia. On the way south we stopped, for way too long, in a Westfield shopping centre and spent loads on shirts and swimwear. It’s incredible how we spent so much time in local markets in Thailand buying very little because we weren’t going to spend ‘£5 on a t shirt!’ and  ‘It must be cheaper at the next stall.’- And as we have discarded several items along the way, kit was needed. Surprisingly Target shops in Oz are damn good value and you can get a decent t shirt for £5.! (A$10 ish). Bargain. The Kelly’s invested in several new snorkelling kits to upgrade for the trip. $loads. 

Our route south was easy and we were now getting out into the country. Big trucks with numerous trailers (road trains) were hammering down the highways (nice) and locals all drive big pick up trucks with snorkels on. Not sure why but perhaps we would meet some out on the reef later..!

It took an absolute age to see kangaroos but close to our new residence there are loads of them. We stopped so I could take a photo and they just glared at me. Angrily. I wonder how fast they can run…..

Our new des res is far from desirable. Think we were spoiled by the last one. It’s a lot smaller, on two floors and only one lounge and one dining room. Horror! The outdoor patio area is the size of a postage stamp. And we have to share a pool with other folk. Urgh. Not that we have made the acquaintance of said pool as it has rained, rained and rained some more with 40 mph winds and temperatures of …….15 yes…15 degrees! We were all expecting it to be nudging 40 degrees. Aaaargh. Even the Kelly’s were shocked. 

Wet & Windy…. Feels like an English summer day

I was delighted as it meant I could use the raincoat we had carried half way round the world. (Should have put my jeans on too!) 

So we trudged out yesterday anyhow and visited a lighthouse. (Well we walked past it as they wanted to charge us a total of $75 (£41) to go inside. It was only a stumpy little thing! We walked round it to a superb whale viewing platform to watch loads of whales in the bay. Well we would have except the whales had gone somewhere else to avoid the wind. We did see one seal however. And it was very dramatic with the wind blasting across the turquoise and blue wild Indian Ocean. We did actually manage to stay dry but rather wind swept and we had a couple of miles walk completed. 

Kelly and Cristian then drove a tour of all the wild bays to identify our future visits when the weather improves. Coffee break in Margaret River and headed back north. 

So a very tasty supper in a restaurant at the coast in Busselton and home. Shame we can’t sit outside ..!

As I write this the wind has almost entirely gone though I cannot see any sun yet. But it’s not raining and it MUST be warmer. Hope we can get the snorkels out today. 

The Kelly’s have also brought some body boards with them so a bit of surf is also good. ☀️☀️☀️

Did you know.. Weighing the same as a large car, the testes of a Southern Right whale are the largest in the animal kingdom. Imagine….

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