Hot, Hot, Hot.. Margaret River

January 26, 2019

Saturday 26th January – Happy Australia Day..

Busselton Western Australia 

Well after one day of rain and a second of cold and windy-, normal service has resumed. Hot, hot, hot with today being an immaculate blue sky. 

Over the last couple of days we have done loads of stuff usually involving water (not rain).

Thursday we visited Busselton Jetty as the main treat of the day. 1.7km out to sea (the longest in the Southern Hemisphere I am told… several times. There is a cute little train takes you right to the end which has an underwater observatory going deep below the sea. Good chance to see what is down there without having a snorkel stuck on the side of your head and a risk of shark attacks. 

It was pretty impressive and we all loved it. Always there is a cost and this trip was like anywhere in the world A$37 (£20 each). The cost around these parts is probably similar to home ie not cheap but we have noticed an improving exchange rate as each day passes. Wahey. 

The late afternoon was taken up with a visit to the Cheeky Monkey distillery near Margaret River. We managed a couple of tasters before Kelly Michelle and I decided on a ‘paddle’ of five ales each to sample. Damn strong some of them…! It helps that Cris doesn’t really drink so could drive. The kids were happy in the play area whilst we slid under the table..!

Yesterday was a full-on day. A visit to the reptile house (somewhere nearby) was awesome. We were offered the chance to hold a python which most of us did. During Alana’s go I grabbed a rubber one from the display and ‘introduced’ it to the real one.. Oops, who knew the reaction from the snake would be so aggressive. Alana is slightly slimmer now than she was…!

Then off to the beach At Yallingup for some snorkelling. It was still bloody windy and pretty cold but we ‘manned up’ (sorry..personed up) and went into the reef. Not too many varieties of fish but met an Old Wife down there (make up your own jokes!) Great to snorkel with family together despite the cold. Cris took the chance to use his body board as he had dragged it across the country. 

After lunch it was across the other side of the peninsula to the beach at Dunsborough in the lea of the wind. It was really shallow.. but great fun and a beautiful beach. Even Scarlett could stand up 200 metres out. 

4.30pm – move out and have dinner in a snazzy restaurant in Margaret River before the highlight of the day, watching Spider-Man ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ outdoors. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good but sitting under a million stars tucked up under towels on a beanbag sofa watching a red suited super hero cartoon was actually brilliant fun. All snuggled up together laughing and giggling whilst eating popcorn and drinking wine from the attached vineyard. What is not to like…?

A late night for the kids but up bright and breezy this morning. Ish. 

A Paddle of Cider. Gotta be done.

Well today is Australia Day and big events all over this evening. So we just popped along the road to Busselton beach for …well another water based session.. swimming in the turquoise and blue sea alongside the aforementioned jetty. Still a bit chilly in the sea but outside it is Toastie. 

It is nearly 4pm so we will have an early barbie before heading out to Bunbury to celebrate Australia Day. 

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