North Devon

This was one of our first outings in Ruby in Beer Farm (would Wine Farm be more appropriate?! ). This is in the village of Broadhembury.

Moved on now from Henley on Thames to East Devon. The weather was sooo good that we couldn’t resist. We did have to pop back home to Portishead first to do an evenings work. Stayed home overnight, clean pair of pants (each.!), and a shower where we can turn round without touching both sides… don’t get me wrong..the shower in Ruby is bloody good, nice and hot, proper solid door and all that but a nice big home shower is always welcome. 
So, Saturday morning headed south on the M5 for pastures new with Michelle at the helm. Oh, and me navigating…! 
We had identified Beer Farm just a dozen miles from the M5 into Devon as having potential and despite me making Michelle’s life tricky by missing the turning she managed to squeeze Ruby into this wonderful place. Its a small Caravan & Motorhome club CL site and its a working farm. Cows and everything! Well within 20 mins we had met and shook hands with all members of the Isaac family who are extremely welcoming and friendly. And… we were invited to get involved in the 5pm milking that evening. Well after setting up, going for short recce into the village of Broadhembury and dashing back from the wonderful Drewe pub we got back in time for the waiting Friesians. (No…it’s not the cold weather…it’s a make of cow apparently..!) Twas brilliant.. I have never had a go at milking a cow before but the boss, lady farmer let me have a go by hand. Never mind the thousands of £s of machine, I got hands-on. (I did warm them up first!) .
It was great, very interesting and resulting in a (very) small cup of warm milk. After a short cooling off period we got to drink some today.. Fresh from the cow, no pasteurisation and we survived.. honest. It was actually a real thrill and we were delighted to be invited. 
On a rather less exciting note…another lesson was learned yesterday. When one has a motorhome it is important to have ramps to ensure that you are parked level, (especially on a farm on a hillside). Well some clown managed to make a really cheap purchase at Go Outdoors last week and ONLY BOUGHT ONE RAMP….aaaargh. 
Consequently we spent the evening chasing our plates and cups down the table at dinner time! Even managed to throw wine the full length of the table and watching it sail across the sofa… oops. Thankfully for once it was white wine and not red..!

Interesting moments

Other than that we are getting to grips with this motorhoming stuff. Tricky and occasionally taxing but great fun.
The weather has been terrific. 0 degrees outside, 22 degrees inside. Bright and sunny with incredible sunsets over towards Exeter. They even have stars in the sky down here in Devon. Amazing 🌟 
Did you know…Friesian cows can easily produce 26 litres of milk EVERY DAY.. They do however have to calf every year to keep producing milk..

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